Our Services in IoT, IT Solutions, and Data Science


Iot solutions

We are moving forward to integrate independent hardware/software in the existing system to extend the capability of the overall system


Web hosting & cloud services configuration

With the implementation of IoT solutions, IoT devices will stream data to our cloud-based database and displayed on web-hosted page


new hardware & existing hardware integration

We will integrate both new and old hardware/devices into our IoT solutions, which will provide more visibility at the site


web & Apps development

We provide web & apps development services in accordance with the specified requirement by the clients

Oil & Gas and General Industry Services

scada system engineering & configuration

  1. HMI Graphical Page
  2. I/O Device Communication Setup
  3. Reporting Function
  4. Integration of other one-of-a-kind functions
  5. Alarm & Event Configuration
  6. Trending & Database Configuration

programmable logic control and/or touch screen

  1. Ladder Logic Control Programming
  2. I/O modules configuration
  3. I/O device communication
  4. AI, AO, DI, DO, Pulse input, and Pulse Output channel configuration
  5. Touch Screen Configuration

E&I loop drawing within the control panel

  1. Design of the loop drawing
  2. Modification to the existing wiring termination
  3. Loop drawing update

engineering, Factory acceptance test, commissioning, and troubleshooting for system & hmi

  1. Onshore Manpower Supply
  2. Offshore Manpower Supply
  3. Engineering and in-house testing

Flow computer configuration & configuration modification

Third party software/program integration