Our team has vast knowledge and experience in automation for the general industry and the oil & gas sector. 

The industry has entered the new digital era, hence, our team is aiming to integrate new solutions on top of ensuring the client's satisfaction. 

We are open to new ideas and new innovations. 

About Us


LAi Kuan wai

Kuan Wai is specialized in project management and team lead for the project engineering and project execution in the Oil & Gas sector and General Industry sector since 2007


gan kim soon

Kim Soon is a Ph.D. graduate specialized in Data Science and Machine Learning. He was involved in various research projects during his Ph.D. pursuit in the university.


chea chee chung

Chee Chung has vast experience in project management and project lead for site execution especially at the site for the onshore terminal, offshore platform, and other sites since 2007


lim chi dick

Chi Dick has been working in the oil & gas sector since 2013, focusing on the engineering based on the approved design and specification



kenneth teo tze kin

Dr. Kenneth is our Collaboration Advisor for various projects under his expertise, which are IoT and AI implementations

Company Profile